Game Description

Title:A Path of Adventure
Players: 6
Mode: Tabletop

All things come to an end. And so it is with the adventure that started so long ago when Miss Trees went missing on an aeroplane.

Life at the Carlos Cory School for Gifted Orphans was not a bed of roses; the academic regimen was punishing and the discipline was worse, but at least the surroundings were pleasant. Set in one hundred, fifty acres of idyllic Californian countryside, the Carlos Cory School for Gifted Orphans offered a chance in life to those children who are so often failed by the modern world. But now it is gone. No sooner had you laid eyes on the benefactor that nobody had seen for years and her freckled companion than you were bundled out with scarcely time to pack and stuffed into two broken down old coaches. After the first couple of days even the old songs dried up. And then things got really … odd. There was a ship with masts and sails. You were only on it for a few days but this must be Europe, because nowhere in the USA is this old. You've yet to see or even hear a motor car since you got here. There are horses though, lots of them, producing lots of stuff that would be great for the rose-beds back home. Home, which was grand if a little draughty, and not bare and dirty like the half-timbered warehouse you find yourselves in. The teachers seem as confused as the pupils. Something is going on though; the city around you is bustling with it. When the principle asks for volunteers, for most of the pupils it may just be a chance to find out what is going on. And for those few who have some idea, it is a chance to be a part of it.

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