Way back in the 1970s, Richard Stallman (rms) created the GNU project in reaction to the commercialization of software, which was taking away the cooperative world that he was used to. Over the years more and more applications were added to GNU until it became an entire operating system. Finally all it needed was the "kernel". Linus Tolvalds created that and called it Linux. Today what we call Linux is almost entirely built on the back of the GNU project.

EMACS is a text editor written in 1976 by Stallman as the first part of the GNU project. For many years there was a text file in with the distribution with several recipes for cookies. Unfortunately it was removed in 2014 so it is now apocryphal and I include it here. The file itself is here:

But I will also expound on the first and original recipe in the file which I find makes fantastic cookies and requires a great amount of fun since it makes so many. You need a huge bowl, or even two, and you need to have a production-line process to cook them, which is a great caper. Unlike lesser recipes, you won't eat them all in the first evening either.

This is not a full recipe's worth

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