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Katie’s journal, October 1986

The call through our crystals came when Victoria and I were in class. We both did the same thing, our hands shot up, and we said we needed to go to the toilet. Victoria was quick enough to change it to ‘I need to take Katie to the toilet’, which is kind of weird, but we got out anyway. It was Harryn who had called us, and as we hurried to the groundskeeper’s cottage Victoria realised we had a bit of a wait on our hands, so we could have stayed in class. It would be a while before Dave and Harmony would be back at the school.

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This game ran at Ambercon UK 2016. It is only here for nostalgic reasons.

Game Description

Title:A Dream of Adventure
Players: 6
Mode: Tabletop

Life at the Carlos Cory School for Gifted Orphans is not a bed of roses; the academic regimen is punishing and the discipline is worse, but it never used to be boring. Few other schools even have a stable-block, and none of them have a Spectrum SPV parked in it, even if it is a little worse for wear. And yet with the Eternal Society gone to Amber with Corwin, the school and everyone it protects is safe. Maybe one day Chaos or Amber might look your way but right now they are content to fight each other. It all seems very quiet after the last few years. So an unexpected request brings a welcome chance to break the monotony and to meet someone new.

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