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After last year’s adventures, Harryn, Skye, Dave and I decided to opt out of the summer camping trip this time around, and as soon as everyone else had left, we started planning where we would go on our holiday. Of course, we weren’t supposed to go anywhere, but we didn’t think anyone would notice we were gone.

soronlinsoronlin 30 Jun 2012 22:2830 Jun 2012 22:46

A collection of two relays, two diodes, one resistor and a toggle switch to safely power down the RaspPi.

NB. R2 must have a 3.3V coil capable of switching with about 5mA. R1 must be suitable to whatever you are switching.

You should also have reverse-biased diodes in parallel with each relay coil, 1N4001 would probably be good. The lines on the case should be on the side away from GND. A resistor in series with GPIO A is also probably a good idea. 1k would probably be suitable.

soronlinsoronlin 20 Jun 2012 09:2410 Jan 2013 15:11

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