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This reminds me of a story from the dark ages of computing - when the Computing Center at a major university had both a monopoly on computing resources and a policy of "no frivolous use of the computer(s)".

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Here are a few stories that I have gathered over the years. Since they are getting harder to find it is obviously my duty to provide another back-up.

The ListPages module does not work recursively.

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This page has been moved from my ISPs webspace because I am moving ISPs and it would have otherwise been lost. The information given here is still correct, but the status of the cases has changed significantly. See Groklaw for the current situation.

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Here are some ideas, probably patentable, which I have no intention of patenting.This page exists to record these ideas as prior art. If you want to implement them then please do so. A nod in my direction would be appreciated. No patent search has been done, so I do not certify that these ideas are indeed patentable. I specifically refuse you the right to patent them.

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This is a rant and I make no apologies for that, since this is my website and I can rant if I like.

There are many rant-worthy features of Microsoft Word 2010. The whole concept of the ribbon is a badly conceived joke, and whoever decided to put save and print on a different page is a… but I wont get abusive, and these are after all personal opinions. Maybe somewhere there are one or two people who find that the ribbon greatly accelerates their workflow. However there is one rant-worthy behaviour that Word has clung to lovingly since it first crawled from the primaeval ooze that was MS-DOS. I'm talking about read-only files.

soronlinsoronlin 28 Jun 2011 11:1017 Oct 2013 14:29

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