I am Richard Urwin, G6RRJ, and I have been roleplaying for 34 years, programming for 36 years and a licensed Radio Amateur for 27 years. You'll find a bit of all of those in here.

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  • Masie —Tortoiseshell
  • Paddy — Long-haired tabby

Guest Star:

  • Freya — German Shepherd

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Science fiction is getting an ever-increasing fan base, be it Star Trek, Firefly, Babylon 5, or any of the dozens of movies and TV series, or thousands of books. On the other hand, it is demonstrably not necessary to actually understand science to produce a science fiction product, and there are some truly awful gaffs out there. Of course once they are committed to film, then they have to be explained away.

  • Star Trek encounters an energy barrier at the edge of the galaxy. They meant the Universe, but had to do some fast footwork to recover.
  • Firefly seems to take place in a single solar system with 210 inhabitable planets, every one of them with a 24-hour day and a 365-day year. Not to mention a temperate climate and Earth-standard gravity.
  • Buck Rogers opined that there were a googleplex star systems in our galaxy. If you turned each atom in the entire universe into a zero, you'd have enough to write out a googleplex — it's rather a big number. Conversely there are at most four hundred billion stars in our galaxy.
  • Star Trek III manages to use one quarter impulse power in space-dock. Full impulse power gets them up to just under the speed of light. It's about a million times worse than going around a multi-story car park in fifth gear with your foot only a quarter down on the accelerator pedal.

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