This game ran at Ambercon UK 2010. It is only here for nostalgic reasons.
Read Harmony Ackerman's journal here.

Game Description

Title: The Mystery of Missed Trees
Players: 6
Mode: Tabletop

Life at the Carlos Cory School for Gifted Orphans is not a bed of roses; the academic regimen is punishing and the discipline is worse. But with the summer here again it is time to put all that aside for a camping trip into the Californian forest. It is a chance to let off steam in glorious natural surroundings. Horse-riding, canoeing and all sorts of outside pursuits are a welcome escape from the blackboard's tyranny. But who are the strangely compelling women parked along the high trail? Why are they so pale, and why have they chosen to camp in the blackened devastation of last-year's fire?

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