This game ran at Ambercon UK 2004. It is only here for nostalgic reasons.

In the days before the final battle of Patternfall, with pattern storms raging through shadow and Amber united again under its rightful king, the princes and princesses gathered around them their hitherto most secret of treasures; their children. Spawned over long reaches of time, in distant and protected shadows, now endangered by the vast forces soon to be unleashed, the children gathered in Amber, to await the return of the triumphant host or to fall in defence of Amber under the feet of ravaging Chaos. The King himself oversaw their initiation into the family inheritance, and then himself passed out of knowledge, and was never seen again. Days became weeks, and weeks months. A year passed, and a second was waning when the pennants were seen emerging from Arden in the teeth of the storm, bringing a new King to rule in Amber. The Regency of the Children was ended, but before the new king could sit on his throne there was a feast to prepare; a feast fit for heroes; a feast that would live in song for generations. Gaily and gladly the children carried out their last duty, not knowing that they stood on the very brink of the abyss. Few there were that would ever see the dawn.

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Ambercon UK is a role-playing convention in four-star luxury. Since it has been running for twelve years it is stable and smooth-running, with a great crowd of regulars, and many new faces every year. We take our gaming seriously; there's no wandering around looking for the next game. From start to finish if you're not gaming then you must be eating or sleeping. From Friday evening to Sunday evening, solid, high quality, gaming.

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Wireshark is used by network professionals around the world for troubleshooting, analysis, software and protocol development, and education. It has all of the standard features you would expect in a protocol analyzer, and several features not seen in any other product. Its open source license allows talented experts in the networking community to add enhancements. It runs on all popular computing platforms, including Unix, Linux, and Windows.

Here is a handy add-on to the Wireshark package. It is in the public domain.

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I wrote the original geek quiz over ten years ago, and it was unfairly aimed at ageing geeks then. I moved it over here more to make sure I could get a significant quantity of Javascript working in a wiki environment than because I wanted it here.

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