She's Sleeping

This song is in honour of the hard work that the Raspberry Pi Foundation has put in in bringing the Raspberry Pi to market, and especially for Liz, who fielded idiot questions with patience beyond the call of duty.

Thanks to dukla2000 for the first five lines.

Wednesday morning at five o'clock as the day begins
Silently closing our bedroom doors
Trusting the note that we hoped would say more
We go downstairs to the PC
Clutching our Barclaycards
Frantically hitting the F5 key
Telling the shop that it"s me

Liz… (we gave her absolute hell)
Is sleeping (first time in 48 hours)
At last (automated servers unsupervised)
She's sleeping at last after working so hard for so many days (well done)

Father snores as his wife logs into the RaspPi shop
Clicks on the Raspberry that's just appeared
Sitting alone at the PC screen
She breaks down and cries to her husband
"Dad, all the stock is gone
"Why would they treat us so thoughtlessly?
"How could they do this to me?"

Liz… (we drove her right up the wall)
Is sleeping (dreaming of raspberry pie)
At last (Raspberry shop can run out of stock by itself)
She's sleeping at last after working so hard for so many days (well done)

Friday morning, at nine o'clock
Liz is back at her desk
Posting the blog that they're waiting for
Another 10k in two weeks

She (we knew she would come up trumps)
Is having (we thought we'd be waiting for months)
Fun (fun is one thing money can"t buy)

Computer is here that was just an idea for so many years…
Sh'e sleeping tight… well done.

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